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A collection of my creative work

My Mini Film Inspired by Koyaanisqatsi

As the world keeps spinning, the wind keeps blowing, and the rain keeps falling, city life carries on. Life can change as quick as the sun gets blocked by the clouds on a cloudy day yet life for people continues its similar scheduled routine contrasting with the unpredictable weather, being different almost every day. I have demonstrated this within my piece, showing different types of weather on different days and the busy city life.

Music used: Maribou State – Turnmills

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro

Film Trailer Poster Experimentation

Portrait: Katie Horrocks the main character

 Trees: glimpse to the setting that may feature. 

 Layout: has a modern look to represent the modern generation

 Font: stands out because it is placed within the darker area, this suggests that Gen Z’s have been absorbed into darkness

Tint of blue/purple: the colour blue associates with technology which suggests that it could appear within the storyline

Extra effect: I included a overlay of blood/DNA at the bottom which shows that the Gen Z’s are all connected, it connects to Katie which represents something being spread to Katie.

Pre-production Experimentation


A variety of landscape shots from different locations.


Chosen shots from my portrait photoshoots taken using a Nikon camera.

Natural Forms

A collection of my favourite shots taken whilst on walks.

Pencil Portraits

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